The super secrets for recordings of Mengelberg

This site summarizes the new discovery and information for the recording of Mengelberg.

Mengelberg Beethoven Symphony No. 5, “fate”

Mengelberg Beethoven Symphony No. 5, “fate”

This page summarizes the Mengelberg of Beethoven’s Symphony No. 5, “fate”.

Now, we have a total of four types of Mengelberg Beethoven Symphony No. 5, including the first movement only.

In this site, a date of recording is the date of Netherlands Willem Mengelberg Society as reference.

For more information about each recording, I analyze here: The results of analysis of the recording of Mengelberg Beethoven Symphony No. 5

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Beethoven Symphony No. 5, “fate”

Recording that we have now

April 11, 1922   Gramophone recording

First movement only (other movement seems to have not been recorded)

New York Philharmonic


May 4, 1937   Gramophone recording

Amsterdam Concertgebouw

VN-01829  *CD jacket has been described as April 5, 1937, but is a clerical error.

April 18, 1940   Live recording

Amsterdam Concertgebouw




April 15, 1942   Gramophone recording

Amsterdam Concertgebouw

Teldec 4509-95515-2  *CD jacket has been described as May 4, 1937, but is a clerical error.

There are some CD of May 4, 1937 that is another recording (April 15, 1942) in fact!

Personal Impression

While there are four types, which has also different playing impression.

This is the feeling and marks the impression in one sentence without fear of misunderstanding.

1922(NYP) is portamento most effective performance. (I feel sexy)

1937 has a driving force.

1940 is the most dense performance.

1942 performance that has been emphasized stand-cart is the best (crisp feel better)

Individual by the impression is different.

Analysis of the difference of each recording, but was another page, and then extract only the first movement of the playing time.

Since the first movement begins with a rest, it’s time was measured until the end of the sound from the first sound.

VN-01842(1922)        6:17

VN-01829(1937)        7:52

PROC-1897(1940)     6:17
MR2171(1940)            6:16
VN-01812(1940)        6:17

Teldec 4509-95515-2(1942)     7:42

In the session recording with the NYP and live recording take the time that about six minutes and 17 seconds, however, in the studio recording of the Concertgebouw take the time that the 7 minute of the second half. Yet the performance of 1937 and 1942 will have a different impression of listening.

By the way, the data of the Netherlands Willem Mengelberg Society will be following.

NYPO, dinsdag, 11 april, 1922:     6:25

CGO, dinsdag, 4 mei, 1937:           8:01

CGO, donderdag, 18 april, 1940:  6:37

CGO, woensdag, 15 april, 1942:    7:48

From the sound of the before and after playing in here time also seems to be included in the time.

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Looking for the last recording


I'm japanese web contents designer. I'm looking for the last concert recording of Mengelberg at 18th june 1944. That concert was Beethoven Symphony No.9 "Choral" !



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