The super secrets for recordings of Mengelberg

This site summarizes the new discovery and information for the recording of Mengelberg.

Valuable recordings of Mengelberg

Valuable recordings of Mengelberg

The Dutch conductor Willem Mengelberghe was forbidden to performance at 1944 .

Therefore, there are not so many recordings that we can be heard.

While tasting the important recordings, thinking about the performance of Mengelberg.

Description of the site is what all against self-purchased media, describing the personal views.

Recording date and time, the media model number, such as information about the musicians, we have the utmost care in order to ensure accuracy. I can not bear responsibility, such as clerical error due to misunderstanding, misreading, etc., Please understand in advance.

For image was photographed all my purchased CD.

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Looking for the last recording


I'm japanese web contents designer. I'm looking for the last concert recording of Mengelberg at 18th june 1944. That concert was Beethoven Symphony No.9 "Choral" !



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